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Consumer behaviour is evolving every day and it’s important that businesses evolve with them. Ultimately, businesses need to be where their consumers are and, considering mobile devices generated 50.81% of global website traffic in the third quarter of 2020, mobile apps for business purposes are more important than ever. Here’s why. 

In a Highly Competitive Online World, Give Your Business an Edge

There are millions of brand names floating around the interwebs, so how do you stand out and give your brand a competitive edge? The answer could lie in building an app for your business. This article by Liquid State makes an important note about the importance of apps in brand awareness and fostering brand loyalty, commenting that “industry-leading companies are designing holistic experiences that leverage the personal nature of mobile.” In recent years, businesses have pivoted from prioritising sales to prioritising relationships, and what better way to build these relationships than through a device on which millions of people spend so much time. Simply put: mobile apps for business helps keep you relevant.

Boost Customer Engagement

Mobile apps are a fantastic way of keeping your customers engaged with your brand, allowing you to capitalise on the unique features not offered by experiences on the Web. They also serve as gentle reminders of your brand whenever customers unlock their phones. If you’re in eCommerce, an app gives your customers a much more convenient way of browsing and shopping — an important consideration since 40% of people often start shopping on their mobile device. 

A Personalised Experience

The majority of apps allow users to create personal profiles, meaning their experience using the app is tailored to them and their preferences. This allows them to find what they need quickly and a streamlined experience such as this is going to increase the chances of them making a purchase. Building an app for your business needs to consider the things that will make consumer’s decisions easier to make. 

Build Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is nothing fluffy: it is the be-all and end-all of your brand. If you hire an app developer to build your app, you’re investing in both your business’s assets and your community of brand loyalists. Doing this means your fans are likely to share your brand name and their experiences when interacting with it on the app, garnering more support, app users, and ultimately customers in the long-run. 
Mobile apps for business will never go out of fashion considering the ever-changing digital realm we navigate each day. Since so many consumers are using mobiles to guide their purchasing decisions as well as a method to interact with their favourite brands, you may want to consider hiring an app developer sooner rather than later. If that’s the case, we can help — post a job on our job board or get in touch with the YourNett team so we can help you find top talent for your business projects.

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