The Most Valuable Skills Needed Today: Freelance Jobs To Consider

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Due to an incredibly weak job market with low youth employment, freelancers in South Africa were expected to make up 50% of our full-time workforce by 2020. With more and more businesses making the digital shift comes an increased demand for freelancers, but what freelance jobs and skills are in the highest demand? Here’s what we think more businesses are looking for.

Graphic Designers

With the influx of businesses moving online thanks to both the pandemic and the realization that you have to have a footprint on the online space comes to need to have the relevant branding and visuals. Your logo on your letterheads now needs to appear on all digital collateral. You also need a website — a space for your business to be showcased and shared. Graphic design is one of the top skills in high demand, assisting with everything from an email signature to a digital brochure.

Web Developers

A high-functioning, user-friendly website is an essential investment into any business. When you don’t have your business card on you, individuals can refer connections to a site to find everything they need to know. If you’re a web developer, we recommend honing in on your skill all the time and identifying what makes you different so that you have a higher chance of getting work from the freelance jobs you apply to. Show future employers why you are worth investing in as opposed to quick and easy drag-and-drop website creating platforms. 

SEO Professionals 

Search engine optimization is an essential consideration for any business that has a spot online. If you can’t get found on Google, what’s the point? SEO copywriters and technicians are definite skills in high demand as we grow more aware of the importance of solid SEO efforts and ranking on Google search engine results pages. 


It’s one thing having all the material you need to get your brand name out there, but it’s another knowing how to do it in a way that will yield you the best results. Marketing Specialists are one of the top freelance jobs on offer at the moment. If this is you, consider thinking about how you can tell future employers exactly how you can strategize the best and most effective ways of bringing in new business, as well as spreading awareness.

Animators & Illustrators 

Fun and captivating visuals are incredibly important in the online world — with attention spans so short, how are you going to engage with your audience? Animators and illustrators are rising in demand with no doubt of their importance in your marketing plan

If you’re a freelancer on the hunt for your next gig, you’re in the right place. Head over to our job board and bid for work or get in touch if you need more info.

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