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12-Apr-2021 12:45:34
2 days
I can develop your website at the lowest rate and in the quickest way possible. I look forward to working with you.
07-Apr-2021 23:34:48
2 days
I am a developer based in south africa and would appreciate the chance to offer my services
06-Apr-2021 04:57:30
12 days
Hi there, I am a web developer for a clothing brand. I recently decided to freelance so I can further grow my portfolio. I can design a website for your club within 12 working days at a low rate of 320 dollars using WordPress and WooCommerce of you need shopping integration features. You can view my work below, www.foxtailapparel.co.za www.escopia.foxtailapparel.co.za Do let me know if you are interested.
04-Apr-2021 17:11:37
14 days
I\'m a. Net developer. I create robust and reliable web apps well blended with artist vision
01-Apr-2021 05:30:40
7 days
I will Design a website for you according to your requirements, that will be mobile friendly and modern design for boost business more...
31-Mar-2021 12:35:52
10 days
Greeting Sir, please review my portfolio, I\'m professional Web Developer & Designer. Kindly find some time for a short meeting thank you
29-Mar-2021 16:35:45
7 days
Hi! I can do the work for you. Please give a touch if interests you.
29-Mar-2021 12:55:06
7 days
Hi there. I hope this finds you well. I would like the privilege to build this website for you. I can guarentee a sleek and professional look with full functionality on both desktop and mobile.
29-Mar-2021 11:41:26
7 days
Hi, I would love to help with your website. I have been creating high-quality websites since 2012, and I specialize in WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce. I am also an active member of the WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor communities in my city, and we strive to help people from all levels and skills with their websites. Along with that, I have worked in a variety of website environments, from full digital agencies to small shops, big corporates, and SMEs. Also kindly note that I am a native English speaker, from an English-speaking country, so there will be no problem with communication or trying to convey complex ideas. When you\'re ready we can discuss your needs and expectations, and then makes decisions from there. Many thanks, H Houston
29-Mar-2021 09:29:20
3 days
Hello, I have read through your brief and believe that I would be of great help as I myself am also a DJ and entertainer so I know how the nightlife industry goes. An example of a recent website that I have completed is Vanhouts.co.za Looking forward to hearing back from you. A website
27-Mar-2021 11:35:55
14 days
Hi I can build a website for your night club, within 14 days using WordPress. I will also build an event system making it easier for you to add and display upcoming events.
26-Mar-2021 11:23:56
20 days

looking for someone to find me a compressor

looking for a compressor the will give me 10 bar pressure.

Posted on: 7th Apr 2021 12 days, 3 hours, 50 min left Verified User


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E-commerce market place App

I require a UK based developer (Ideally London or south east) who has experience of App / browser builds – Web scraping and retail bots. (Machine learning AI is a plus but not essential) I am an idea level start up and have a small budget for remuneration but if the freelancer wants to consider […]

Posted on: 31st Mar 2021 5 days, 1 hours, 22 min left Verified User


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