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24-Mar-2021 05:05:39
3 days
09-Mar-2021 09:18:25
5 days
I am an Artist and designer, this particular project I was asked to come up with an illustration that is catchy yet related with the story line. The client was happy at the end of the project
09-Mar-2021 07:59:57
7 days
Good day, Thank you for the opportunity to place my bid to work on your book design project. At this point, allow me to mention that I\'m the sole designer for a reputable British magazine with a 3 year contract - unfortunately due to Non Disclosure Agreements, I can\'t give you samples of this work. Please have a look at the following design I created, a 192 page magazine design for a local client, which had a deadline of 10 days (completed from front to back in 9 days): https://www.dropbox.com/s/vksusrw4rlfdhek/Safety%20%26%20Security%20Journal%20Pre%20Election%202019.pdf?dl=0 I am also the designer for a monthly local community newspaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nsp2qaxszje4ud4/Nov%202019%20Spreads.pdf?dl=0 I also created other works, like a 120 page book design for our local government, the above mentioned monthly community newspapers for a local client, and several other smaller booklets. I only use the latest in designing software, like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, thus ensuring the highest quality product. Please feel free to contact me directly for further discussions. Regards, Daniel
05-Mar-2021 09:45:38
5 days
Hello there , I would love to assist you in creating your book cover. I have a higher certificate in design and have been working with in and with authors for 7 years now. Let me help you create a bright and eye taking cover .
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