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Social media management is one of the most essential tools a business needs to have at its disposal. Many businesses overlook the importance of social media and its impact or choose to ignore it because they simply don’t know how to incorporate it into their business model. This is where you come in — a freelance social media manager itching to share creative ideas and take the business to the next level. Here’s how you can be the best at your job. 

Follow a Strategy

Social media is a highly competitive space, so simply winging it can be detrimental to the brand. A top social media management tip is to create a strategy that you can tweak along the way, keeping in mind your client’s ultimate goals always. Remember to revise it every 3-6 months so that you’re keeping current and changing with the business.

Plan In Advance

As a freelance social media manager, you don’t ever want to be caught off-guard with something you didn’t cater to in your strategy. Be sure to plan, creating and scheduling posts a month or so in advance so that you know the planned content is out there when it’s supposed to be. 

Keep a Calendar with Relevant Dates

Content calendars are vital, especially if you’re managing a brand in a highly specific industry. Creating posts that are in line with important dates (yes, World Donut Day is important) so that your brand isn’t left out of the conversation. 

Plan Eye-Catching, Synchronised Imagery 

One of the most important social media management tips is to be knowledgeable of your brand’s look and feel — are they simple and minimalist or bold and vibrant, corporate or creative? Using tools like Later will help you both schedule and visualise social media feeds to ensure you’re presenting the brand in the right way. Limit how much text is on each image, keep it simple, and always keep the overall message at the front of your mind. 

Keep Your Client’s Goal In Mind Always

Last but certainly not least, your job as a freelance social media manager is to keep your client’s goals at the forefront of every decision you make, whether it’s creative or strategic. 

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