How-to Guide

This is a guide on how to get started as either a Service Provider or Service Buyer

1. How to register as a Service Buyer/ Seller (Freelancer) on

  1. Open your browser on your Electronic device and search
  2. You will see the following home page.
  3. Click on account menu, and then select register.
  1. You will see this register page, fill in all required details. Here you will need to select your user type, indicating whether you would like to provide a service (freelancer) or if you are looking for someone that provides a service (service buyer).
  1. Once you have completed the previous step, keep an eye on your email inbox for a mail from the YourNett team and follow the instructions. If it doesn’t appear, check spam and other categories. If it still doesn’t appear, please see the “how to contact us” instructions.
  2. Once you have confirmed your email address, you can proceed to the following step.
    Select the “login” option under “account menu” (top right), enter your details and click login.
  3. You will then be directed to your Dashboard. Below is a screenshot of a service buyers Dashboard.
  4. This is your main place of work whether you are a service buyer or seller; this dashboard is basically your entire office. This is where you will manage everything.

2. How to set up your profile as a Service Buyer/Seller:

  1. You will need to populate your profile, in order to do this, so you will start by selecting account settings.
  1. Go into account settings, fill in the required info and select save settings at the bottom of the page. Remember whether you are looking to have something done or you are looking for work, this will be yours/your companies’ profile, so make sure there is enough info about you/ your business.

3. How to post a job you would like to have completed and how to choose the right person for the job. (Service Buyer)

  1. If you are looking to have something done by one of our professionals after completing your profile. Click on the “Post New Project” option. Or if you know exactly who you are looking for, select service providers and use our advanced search to find that exact person, to see their reviews and profile.
  1. Once you have selected the “Post New Project” option, proceed to fill in all you require from that specific project, which-includes your budget, time frame, skills of employee, location and more. Follow the 4 steps and post your job.
  1. Once you have completed step 2, your job will be posted. This is when freelancers will begin to bid on your project, they will leave previous work experience as well as why they believe they are fit for the job and how they can benefit your team.
  2. Once you receive a bid, it will be shown on your dashboard and you will receive a mail stating that someone has submitted a proposal on your job. Open up your Customer Area page and you will be able to see how many people have bided on your post.
  1. Once you are in Customer Area, go into Active quotes and open up your project page to view your proposals as seen below. Read through them, go into those individuals accounts, check their reviews and make your decision.
  1. Once you have decided who your preferred freelancer is, open up a chat with him/her and clarify any details you would like to make clear. Perhaps negotiate a price.
  2. Go back to your dashboard, select customer area, open active quotes and choose your winner for your project.
  3. Once you have chosen the individual, you can either make the decision to pay them through our trusted payment platform or enquire their account details to make a payment. We suggest using our secure payment system as the freelancer will be able to see whether the funds are available to get going on the job, and only once the job is completed and you are satisfied should you release the payment.
  4. Once the job has been completed, clear the payment and don’t forget to review your freelancer as this will help them in finding future jobs.

4.How to search for jobs

  1. Sign up as a service provider if you are looking for work. See the “how to register as a service provider or service buyer” page as well as the “how to setup your profile” page, in this case you will need to be registered and setup first before going forward. Make sure your profile is setup as well as possible as this is what employers will see.
  2. Once you are registered, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page. Click on the ‘Search Projects” option.
  1. You will be redirected to the page where all the job listings will be, view the projects, submit as many proposals as possible, it takes some time but once you have completed your first project and receive a review, it will become easier.
  2. When submitting a proposal, it is very important to tell the client why you are fit for the job, include your previous work experience, attach some previous work and be enthusiastic about the job he/she is offering.

5. How to do payments using our secure payment platform

  1. Go to Your Dashboard and click on the Finances option
  1. Once you have opened the Finances page, select the Deposit more option, follow the steps and deposit your amount that you would like to pay for the specific project.
  1. Enter your amount required for your job and click deposit
  1. Follow the PayPal steps and you will be redirected to your finance page which will look like this. You can now make the payment to your preferred freelancer and you only have to clear it once the project is completed. For a service buyer, the payment will sit in Pending Outgoing until it is released.

6. How to Contact us

  1. Navigate your way to the bottom of your browser page.
  2. Click on Contact us.
  3. Fill in the following form and select submit. Use your username as a reference.
  1. Once you have submitted the contact us form, one of our agents will be in contact with you, you can also send us an email at, using your username as a reference.
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