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It goes without saying that not all freelance graphic design jobs are made equal. Nor are  graphic designers. The following steps are crucial to follow when on the hunt for the next creative gig that will light your fire and help you earn a stable income. 

Brush Up Your Portfolio 

Because your craft is a visual one, your work needs to speak for itself. Whether you use a platform like Behance to create your online portfolio or build a one-page website, this is the most critical element to consider and to perfect when looking for freelance graphic design jobs.

Make Sure Your CV is Updated

Future employers need to see a history of your past employment in order to gauge your experience in varying environments. Be ready to answer questions like “Why did you leave your last job?” or “Tell me about how you handled the brief for that project?”. Although experience isn’t everything nowadays, employers may like to know what you learned from your past jobs and how they helped you grow as a professional. 

Use Your Social Media Channels to Showcase Who You Are

While social media is at the root of many ills in our society, it has also done a lot of good for people like graphic designers. A gorgeous-looking Instagram feed with well-used hashtags is often enough to capture the attention of employers because it’s an informal way of showcasing both your skill and personality. When it comes to the best sites for freelance graphic designers, Instagram is probably one of them. 

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Identify the Best Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

Now that you’ve compiled your freelance graphic design job-hunting arsenal, it’s time to go searching for the perfect gig. Identify the sites that offer detailed job descriptions, mention the pay range, allow you to gauge the company culture, and what their communication channels are like. Ideally, you want a site that allows you to find top-tier jobs and an ability to communicate directly with the job poster (hint: we can give you that!). 
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