How to Establish Great, Long-Term Relationships with Freelancers

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There are more freelance contracts being established now more than ever since the digital age is evolving quicker than we can think. Additionally, there are both more freelancers and more people hiring freelancers since the world’s businesses had to make the move online with the arrival of a global pandemic. However, it’s critical that you don’t ‘freelance hop’ from person to person — here’s how you can establish and maintain great, long-lasting relationships with freelancers. 

Pay Fairly, Even During a Pandemic

We know pockets aren’t that deep at the moment. However, it’s worth seeing freelancers as investments. Even though freelance contracts are an extra cost to you, it’s way more affordable than hiring someone full-time. When you go on your hunt to find freelancers, make sure you are ready to pay them fairly — remember they are human beings who are trained and experienced in their niche, their worth is calculated accordingly and not sucked out of thin air. 

Pay On Time, Every Time 

Even if it means setting up a repeated reminder on your phone, make sure you pay your freelancers on time, either at the end of each month or when you say you will pay at the end of a project. Paying late will send the wrong message to them. 

Show Appreciation Often 

Many freelancers left their corporate jobs because they did not feel like they were appreciated enough. A few words of appreciation for the work they do keeps them motivated and helps to nurture your relationship beyond the freelance contract.

Be Communicative

There’s nothing worse than wanting an answer to something and waiting days to get it. We’re not saying drop everything you’re doing to respond to your messages, but we are suggesting a simple acknowledgment of a message if you can’t respond quickly enough. Freelancers would do the same for you. 

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