Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy​

Whether work or a job was done via our online platform or not, we respect the property rights of every individual. Any and all work done for an individual, paid for in full will be the intellectual property of that party or individual.

Alleged Copyright Infringement

Should you feel that the work submitted by yourself or your representative via our online platform has been used without compensation in full or part thereof, you have the right to lodge a complaint at .

Please include all the alleged material and a full and detailed statement of the alleged infringement. Please remember that in order for YourNett to make a fair decision you will need to supply us with all the relevant information, including but not limited to. The date and/or time, material involved, all relevant contact details as well as the alleged infringement user details.

YourNett will at its own discression decide whether or not a claim has any merit and whether suspension of an account is justified.

Alleged Copyright Infringement Counter Claim

Should a claim of alleged copyright infringement be logged against an individual or party, will analise the merits of the alleged infringement or claim prior to the suspension of an account.

The person or party being accused of the alleged infringement will have the right, in addition to any other rights that may have in law, to a counter claim. Any individual or party involved in an alleged infringement or counter claim has the right to take any legal steps directly with the opposite party and will indemnify against claims that the parties may have against one another. merely facilitates the introduction between parties and will not be held liable for any claim between other parties for any reason whatsoever.

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