5 Reasons to Have a Business Blog on Your Site

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Blogs are often overlooked as an essential part of any brand’s website. However, those that think that couldn’t be more wrong — a business blog is a core element in both the brand’s success and the site’s success online. The following five reasons will explain why.

  1. An Important SEO Ranking Factor
    Including a business blog on your site is not only useful in showcasing your unique personality and providing visitors with useful content, but it is also a vital ranking factor for SEO. Search engines light up like Christmas lights when they see a site that is regularly updated with fresh content!
  2. Provide In-Depth, Relevant Content to Your Target Audience
    Aside from SEO, a company blog gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about the products or services that you offer. It also allows you to tackle topics relevant to your industry with the end goal of genuinely helping the person reading your blogs. As soon as something specific to your industry occurs, write a blog about it to become an authoritative part of the conversation. When you know what conversations you want to be a part of, it becomes easier to hire freelancers who specialise in these topics in case you don’t have the time for regular blog writing.
  3. Remain Current, Both for Your Audience and Google
    If you hop onto a website and head over to the company blog and see that the last post was from two years ago, there’s a good chance you’ll jump off to find something more current. Search engines like Google also crawl sites to determine how fresh their content is. A blog keeps you relevant and present online and with your audience.
  4. Guide Visitors Around Your Site


Blogs are the perfect interlinking opportunity — this is where you provide relevant, hyperlinked pieces of text that may appeal to the reader who can then visit a different part of your site. It could be a product, service line, or another blog topic that you have on your site. This is integral for keeping bounce rates low and drawing visitors in. Who knows, they may end up making a purchase or picking up the phone considering the fact that 60% of people will buy a product after reading a blog post about it.

  1. Repurpose the Content on Other Channels

Company blogs shouldn’t just stay static on your site. Increase the life of your content by re-using it on different platforms. This could include breaking the blog up into a five-post series on Instagram or as part of your paid media efforts. When you have a great blog that you know speaks to your audience, use it in as many places as possible to try establish meaningful connections with the people that matter. 

We’ve said it: blogs have an important purpose on your site. If you’re looking for a blog writer or someone to set up a blog module on your site, post a project on our site, or browse our list of talented freelancers.

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