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Hire the top freelancers in the world, get quotes in minutes and post freelance jobs, all on our user-friendly, online freelancing platform where we aim to connect the right people with the right freelance jobs.

How it works

Post your project

Post a job that you would like completed on the YourNett network and receive bids from top freelancers specialising in what you need.

Wait to receive bids

Wait for our freelancers to post their project proposals and then choose from the ones you like. You can sort them by ratings, price.

Choose your freelancer

Select your preferred freelancer from the list of bids to complete the job. Be in constant touch with the freelancer on the platform.

Pay and Close

Pay the freelancer at the end of the project only after the work has been delivered. A very safe and secure way to do your work.

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Sign up today and get one month for free to explore the site and introduce yourself to your new network!

Create your digital CV

After creating your account, complete your digital CV to attract new jobs and build your network.

Choose the perfect plan

Choosing the right plan to meet your needs is important to maximize your chances of getting new jobs and securing the paycheck at the end of the month.


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Kez; Caylen; Cass; Kacey Binder (CEO); Saskia; Iain; Jaydan

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